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KhushFul (3-0-8)

KhushFul (3-0-8)TM is a specialty fertilizer containing plant extracts fortified with nutrients to help plants achieve vigorous growth with faster recovery from stress. The key to KhushFul’s success and efficacy are its components:

  1. Proprietary plant extracts – help maintain crops’ energy and metabolism under stressful growing conditions
  2. Contains Nitrogen and Potassium in highly soluble and mobile forms
  3. Micronutrients (Boron, Zinc) that provide key enzyme compoents to ensure great overall growth
  4. Hydrophobic Fulvic Acid (2%) to improve uptake of nutrients while providing stress reduction

These components in addition to added surfactants make KhushFulTM a ready to use foliar fertilizer that can be tanked mixed with most crop protection chemicals.

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