Dirt M.D. Trials and Results

Since Dirt M.D.’s launch in 2012, we have worked with number of farmers to conduct trials to showcase the results of incorporating Dirt M.D. into their fertilizer regimens.

The flexible nature of Dirt M.D. allows it to be applied in a variety of forms to offer the maximum benefit to the grower. Few of the  unique applications of our Next Generation Humic Product are listed below:

  • Foliar application of Dirt M.D. to improve health and yield of onions – Report
  • Pre-plant injection of Dirt M.D. with aqueous ammonia to increase Nitrogen Use Efficacy in rice – Report
  • Mixing Dirt M.D. with Calcium Phosphite to help better uptake of nutrients in Artichokes
  • Foliar Application of Dirt M.D. & pesticides to reduce phyto-toxic effect and improve plant health
  • Drip addition of Dirt M.D. with farmer’s standard to increase fruiting and yield in strawberries – Report
  • Addition to germ water to improve stand and yield in carrots – Report
  • Incorporation of Dirt M.D. into chile production program as a foliar additive in addition to application through drip tape to improve nutrient uptake – Report